Here’s a few links that you can use to locate a professional free to air satellite installer in your city.  Always ask if they have installed a free to air satellite systems in the past as you do not want to be paying them by the hour to learn. Most people that purchase a free to air satellite system treat it as a hobby and are willing to take an afternoon to learn what satellites bring in what channels and then follow a few step by step instructions to get those channels.  When you make a purchase from we will supply you with all the support you need to make sure you have a successful satellite installation.  If you need need a little help then try these links below to locate a satellite installation professional in your area.


Most people install their FTA satellite system themselves.  We include step-by-step instructions to make the installation an easy afternoon project.

ANOTHER OPTION: If you have high-speed Internet at home and do not want to install a dish, we would suggest you learn more about the channels and IPTV boxes available.