Here’s the list of free Lithuanian TV channels that are available in North America when you purchase a free to air satellite system. These are live free Lithuanian TV channels.  The first column is the name of the free Lithuanian TV channel and the next column is the name of the free to air satellite that is broadcasting that channel. You will notice that most of the free FTA channels in Lithuanian are being broadcasted on a satellite called Galaxy 19. It’s in the orbital slot at 97.0 west. If you are considering to get a free to air satellite system just for Lithuanian channels only you can probably get away with a free to air stationary package. What that means in you would get a FTA satellite receiver and a satellite dish with LNB and install it at the Galaxy 19 satellite. If you want more than just free Lithuanian TV channels then you would add a dish motor to the package so you can move the dish with the receiver remote to any of the satellites available in North America. Get a motorized satellite package like that would give you Lithuanian channels plus all other nationalities including English channels.

Free To Air Lithuanian Channels

LTV WORLD   Lithuania 97.0 West   Galaxy 19