This is a very popular question we get, “can I use my Dish Network, DIRECTV, or Bell TV satellite dish to get free to air channels. The quick answer is NO.

There are a few reasons why you cannot use the dish you already have:

1. The size of the dish (platter size) is too small to receive the free to air signals

2. The LNB (the nozzle at the end of the satellite arm) is the wrong type and frequency to receive the free to air signal.  FTA signals need a linear (low frequency 10750 Hhz)

Since you want to get free satellite TV, you need to select an FTA receiver that suits your needs (standard definition, high definition, recording model, ect, and then you need a 31” dish or larger.  Most people who buy an FTA satellite package get a 36” dish instead of the minimum 31” dish.  The reason is simple, the larger the dish the better the signal.  It’s only an extra $20 from a 31” dish package to a 36” dish package, so well worth it.  Having the larger 36” dish with the linear LNB you will have the best signal even during rain, snow, cloud cover ect.

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